Tips on Entering

Writing a win-worthy award entry doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy.

All we are really looking for is the information we need in order to work out why the person you are nominating (or you, if you are nominating yourself) deserves to win the award you are nominating them for. The more detail you can provide or specific examples about your nominee the better.

Please ensure you read the category descriptions for the category you are entering. This will tell you the key skills and attributes that we are looking for in the winner of that category, which you should therefore include in your nomination.

There are also certain things we are looking for in relation to specific categories:

·      Team of the Year – tell us how they support each other to achieve greatness.

·      Team Player of the Year – How do they motivate others and encourage a team to deliver exceptional results, and what they do to support their team.

·      Office Sage – Tell us about the advice they give out, how they are happy to share that with you and how they are well-respected and often called upon for advice.

·      Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Award – Tell us about this person’s personal drive and ambition on the long road to success, the exceptional results they have achieved and what makes them so entrepreneurial.

·      Unsung Hero Award – Tell us about the person you feel deserves to be recognised who often doesn’t. Tell us how they consistently work hard and achieve great results but often doesn’t receives the recognition they deserve.

·      Rising Star Award – Firstly ensure they are 25 or under on 4th August 2017 and then tell us what they have achieved at a young age why you feel they have so much potential for the future.