While many employers may think that they are recognising workers’ efforts regularly enough, the reality is that most managers and CEOs simply don’t have the hours in the day to acknowledge every member of staff - or the budget to hand out big bonuses.

And while a pat on the back once a month may feel like a noticeable enough form of recognition, for many workers, it simply isn’t. A survey of 2,009 UK workers by One4all Rewards shows every 1 in 3 feels their efforts at work go unnoticed by their manager or boss, and as many as 41% believe this to be true most or some of the time.

Providing recognition for a job well done is absolutely vital for maintaining employee morale, productivity and staff retention - but it doesn’t always have to be difficult or costly. The One4all Spotlight Awards are free to enter, and with 20 categories that staff and colleagues can be entered into, workers from almost all business types and walks of life can be nominated to be in with a chance of winning national recognition for their work and up to £300 in One4all Gift Cards.

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